Comfort in the workplace

Comfort in the workplace

These days employee has to feel comfortable at work, otherwise he will not work there too long. Today we will take a look at support/helpline workers and their comfort at work. People who talk with hundreds and thousands of people every day with their office headphones They work is not well-paid (or maybe I got some old information) and as we all know – work with other people is sometimes very stressful and annoying. So what about this comfort?

Typical day in the office

You have to be always on time, put your office headphones on and start your job. Eight or more hours sitting in an office is very exhausting for our bodies. That’s why we and our company have to care about health. Chair, desk, screen – everything matters. Furnitures in the office, tools (like office headphones), the whole office has to be comfortable for us. Our workplace ought to be pleasant and nice for us. Imagine old, not painted room with rotten and scratched desk, crumbling and stained chair, computer from the 90’s and a telephone with dial. It is probably a nightmare of every customer service employee. But we live in the 21st century where we have high quality office headphones, fast computers and comfortable furniture in our offices.

How to take care of your health in the office?

Very important thing is to make little breaks from work during a day. You can go to a toilet, make some coffee, talk with your co-workers – doesn’t matter, just stand up from a desk and move some. Good idea is to stretch your body. A couple of light exercises will make you more focused on work and will give you more energy.

Remember to eat properly. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You should eat something that will give you energy to listen and solve problems of people that will call you.

Why headset is so important?

It’s important, because you use it all day. It’s your basic tool. Working in call center without a good headset would be impossible. You have to speak with other people all day long and they need to understand you so the headset should have good microphone. It should be very comfortable too. Good headset should be light and have moveable pieces that will give you comfort of using it. In addition it should have important features like: good microphone, noise reduction, acoustic protection, etc.

That’s why it is so important. You cannot work without it. You just can’t. So care about it, because it is for you just like a sword for a Warrior. Remember it and work the best as you can.